“Clayton Station represents the finest breeding and rearing environment one could ask for to produce a working horse of unsurpassed bone, condition, mind and athleticism. This near feral environment and a sound knowledge of horsebreeding crafts a horse of absolute distinction. I have not seen a finer horse produced consistently anywhere. The hooves of these horses are exquisite examples of the perfect bare feet. Now here is an endurance horse!”

Todd Merrell
Strasser Hoofcare Professional and Examiner, Canada

“To Whom It May Concern,

I first became aware of the Clayton Stock Horse Breeding Programme about 40 years ago. At that time Kevin Oldfield had identified a continuing demand for strong and reliable stock horses to service the outback cattle industry. He decided to embark on an extensive programme at the Clayton to improve the standard and reliability of stock horses to be used on the Birdsville Track Stations and other Outback areas.

This breeding and development programme has been continued and expanded upon by Kevin´s son, Shane, with the support of his family and now provides horses for many activities other that stock work.

With very good judgement and careful selection the Clayton horses have evolved with a temperament and a reliability that is second to none. The added bonus to this breeding programme is the type of country where these horses are born and develop in their early years. Clayton Station is an ideal base for young horses to develop with a good mix of stony ground, some soft country, undulating hills, generally good feed and even in a drought there are enough natural grasses and herbage to encourage solid growth. It is also a very clean country with no known impediments for horse growth with a good climate which helps develop their character.

A clear demonstration of the reliability of the Clayton horses was during the Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive, in the Year of the Outback, 2002.

We staged a cattle drive from Birdsville to Marree with 600 head of cattle and 160 horses. Shane Oldfield had the job of horse tailer/head wrangler. He supplied and was in charge of these 160 horses for this event. Most of these horses were Clayton bred and in any one day he had mounted up to 100 horses for the many tourists we had with us.

The reliability and temperament of these horses coupled with Shane´s professionalism and ability to work the horses was clearly a highlight for the many people who rode during our 8 week event. There were no serious incidents with the horses and at no stage did the Clayton bred horses let us down. This in itself is a very telling endorsement.”

Keith Rasheed

Managing Director, Wilpena Pound Resort & Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive