Welcome to Clayton Station

Luxury Outback Accommodation

clayton_20090419_0014If you are looking to experience the unique experience of life on a working outback station, while still coming home to comfortable modern facilities, Clayton Station has it for you.

Our two brand new units give unparalleled luxury outback accommodation with modern facilities and a sunset view to die for. An artesian fed spa and barbecue area provide provide an immensely entertaining stay for a couple of families or a group of adults looking for something different.

Situated on the escarpment on the edge of “The Clayton” creek, this accommodation choice will offer a peaceful holiday you might never have expected on the world famous Birdsville Track.

Clayton Station, Quality Horses

Clayton Station stallions are known the length and breadth of Australia for their qualities of strength, durability and temperament. Their progeny are now in great demand, reflecting as they do 80 years of breeding for specific tasks and excellent temperament.

Mares: We have a wide variety of mares of different types from light to heavy. The blood lines of many of these mares have come directly down through the generations over last the 80 years. These mares have been selectively bred with great care for temperament, soundness, constitution and type.

Workhorses: Most of our work horses have had experience in a wide range of station activities. Their different types reflect the myriad tasks traditionally handled by work horses in the station country. Many of them have been involved in at least one of the long cattle drives, along the Birdsville Track, for which Clayton Station has become renowned.